PowerPoint: Insert date and time in your PowerPoint slides.

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Add the date and time

  •  Select the slide on left of your screen, in which you want to add date and time.
  •  On insert tab, Click Date & Time.
  •  In the Header and Footer box, if you want to add date & time on your slide then click the slide tab and if you want to add date and time to your note pages then click to Notes and Handouts tab.
  • Select the Date and time box:
  • If you want to reflect the current date and time each time you open your presentation, click Update automatically then select the date and time format of your choice then select the date & time format you want.
  • If you want to add date & time to specific date then click fixed and in fixed box type date you want.
  • You can also set the date and time to all of your slides, notes & handouts in your slides by clicking apply to all.

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